Amin Rafiee

A regular speaker at Bitcoin and blockchain conferences throughout Europe, Amin has been helping share the truth, freedom, and choice that Bitcoin and its partner platforms have to offer since 2013. The most recent example of this was through BITNATION’s refugee aid that won two awards (including the grand prix) at the UNESCO house in Paris during the Nexplo 2017 forum, a project that Rafiee helped bring to life.

An advocate of P2P and decentralization in an otherwise centralized world. Amin has also presented the technological benefits of decentralised services and tools in an event held by the EU Commission in Brussels as well as being an advisor for the EU Commission initiative held in Berlin – European Social Innovation Competition.

In 2017 Amin was invited to take part in a discussion about how blockchains could elevate governance, an event which took place in Den Haag, Netherlands titled “Towards World Peace! U.N. 2.0.” that included Peter van der Vliet, the director of the Multilateral Organisations and Human Rights Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Simone Filippin, the chair of the Dutch United Nations Association.

In 2018 Amin was interviewed by SBS television in Australia to speak about the functionality of cryptocurrencies as a way of improving systems within our modern world.