Elian Huesca

Elian Huesca: BA in International Relations in BUAP, with academic exchanges to UNAM and the University of Birmingham, UK. MA in Migration, Superdiversity and Policy with specialization in Entrepreneurship, Financial Inclusion and Technology by the University of Birmingham, UK: Chevening Scholar Class 2016 of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the United Kingdom and the Federal Education Secretary of Mexico. Social Media Manager and Security Office of the United Nations in Mexico. Since 2017, adviser on regulation, marketing and adoption of bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain for exchanges, crypto investment funds and ICO’s. Community builder and networker for international clients. Experienced as Head of Marketing of Lumit Blockchain Technologies, CEO and Cofounder of www.criptonerds.com Certified educator of NEM Blockchain Technology. Community builder at @Decred_MX Speaker of bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain in universities and meetups.

Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and the blockchain ecosystem in Latin America: the following talk addresses the challenges and opportunities that the crypto industry is creating in Latin America. We will portrait the ecosystem in Latin America taking into consideration developers, entrepreneurs, VC, regulators and a critical mass of users. We will talk about the development of the Fintech industry, particularly in Brazil and Mexico and the consequent advancement of cryptocurrencies into the mainstream. We will address the role of Bitcoin as a tool to circumvent hyperinflation policies and the prospects of the Petro as the first precedent of cryptocurrencies into the official monetary state policy of a country. The objective of this talk is to give a general image of how the ecosystem of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is transforming economies and reforming laws all around Latin America.