Kyle Asman

Kyle has extensive experience helping clients raise capital in the finance, banking, regulatory consulting space, and most recently, developed complex international tax structures in the tax advisory space. Today, he is firmly committed to helping companies build their business in the Blockchain sector because he believes it will fundamentally change the way capital markets operate and revolutionize industries across the globe. Kyle has held investment banking regulatory consulting and transfer pricing roles at Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Duff and Phelps, and Ryan LLC, a global tax firm. In 2018, Kyle Co-Founded Bx3 Consulting, a full-service biz advisory firm focused on helping cryptocurrency and blockchain companies grow and operate their business and has since brought multiple successful initial token offerings (ITOs) to market. He is a VC investor in multiple startups.

Topics covered in his presentation:

  • Property tax and C&I benefits for Miners
  • Cryptocurrency Miners have a number of property tax and C&I benefits available to them. They can be setup as qualified data centers, saving hundreds of thousands in tax costs, while also having the ability to obtain credits for job creation.
  • How to make your business a revenue generator, built for sustainability and growth not a one time raise and cash burn business
  • Businesses in the crypto space avoid talking about revenue numbers because they all think they are utility. It is important companies focus on how they are going to be self sustaining in the years and months following their initial raise.