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Jana Petkanic

Jana will introduce a very high-level overview on blockchain technology. Her talk will help you to understand what blockchain actually is and what kind of use-cases can it have. 

Jana is the co-founder of BlockchainTalks – a series of monthly conferences about blockchain technology in The Netherlands. She’s got a full-time job as a blockchain consultant with company Axveco where she’s training people on blockchain use-cases or smart contracts as well as she’s helping the clients to find out how blockchain can transform their businesses. Her background in applied Maths and organizational thinking combined with creativity yield to inventing and improving meetup concepts, as she believes that in this early phase of technology it’s crucial to bring professionals together and confront ideas or discuss solutions. She’s eager to see how blockchain will improve supply chains or energy domains.

Francois Sonnet

François graduated with a Masters in Finance (hons) from ICHEC Brussels Management School and is an expert in Renewable Energy Business Development, having co-founded Belgium’s N°1 award-winning solar installer SunSwitch SA in 2007 at a time of little focus for Renewables outside of Germany, and acting as its Chief Strategist, helping it build up to +90 employees and +20MEur Turnover in under 30months. François made his first steps at Euronext NV and the Audit Firm PwC in Luxemburg and has extensively traveled. François currently works as a solar consultant on projects in Eastern Europe, advising towards several solar fields. François also advises Solcrypto, on Business Development with the SolarCoin Digital Asset and developing Blockchain tools to initiate the clean Energy Transition.
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Chris van Maarseveen

Chris is attending his last year of high school. He started with crypto about one year ago, when he bought his first Ripples. Chris is mostly enthusiast about the freedom which cryptocurrencies bring to the world. His enthusiasm and knowledge of Blockchain is unparalleled among his peers, which is evident in the fact that he is dedicating his free time for already 6 months to work for the Komodo platform. Komodo, a proud sponsor of BlockchainTalks, is leading in the space of end-to-end Blockchain Solutions and Chris will give us a deep-dive into the Komodo Platform and fundamentals.

Kiril Nikolov

I am former startup founder and advisor, with background in sales and business development. In crypto I am currently the Amsterdam Lead at Cofound.it - a Blockchain VC, nurturing blockchain projects into serious businesses.
I will present 20 use cases for the Blockchain - A closer look at real-world applications

I will showcase some of the teams cofound.it has coached and showcased or communicated with + some simply cool use cases for the blockchain. I will spend ±1 minute for each business model to say why it's good for the blockchain.