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Erasmus Elsner

Travel the world. Pay in crypto!
Erasmus is the co-founder of CryptoCribs, a bootstrapped crypto startup, which is on a mission to allow people to travel the world without an intermediary like Airbnb. Read more...

Francois Sonnet

François graduated with a Masters in Finance (hons) from ICHEC Brussels Management School and is an expert in Renewable Energy Business Development, having co-founded Belgium’s N°1 award-winning solar installer SunSwitch SA in 2007 at a time of little focus for Renewables outside of Germany, and acting as its Chief Strategist, helping it builds up to +90 employees and +20MEur Turnover in under 30months. François made his first steps at Euronext NV and the Audit Firm PwC in Luxemburg and has extensively travelled. François currently works as a solar consultant on projects in Eastern Europe, advising towards several solar fields. François also advises Solcrypto, on Business Development with the SolarCoin Digital Asset and developing Blockchain tools to initiate the clean Energy Transition.
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Bas Wisselink

Bas Wisselink thinks blockchain technology is thrilling, but he believes it can only grow by constant questioning. He gets excited by questions and problems, and actively seeks them out. He has been active in the blockchain space since 2013, when he spend two sleepless weeks during his Christmas holidays after discovering both the technology and its community. Today, he's an active speaker and blogger about blockchain technology. His aim is to always leave the audience with food for thought. Do not expect him to hype a product, but expect him to make you love discovery.

Blockchain technology is usually only discussed out of time. We look at it and discuss it as if it exists in a vacuum. What a lot of people do not know is that it has a rich history and a lot of the groundwork was actually laid right here in Amsterdam. Bas Wisselink will dive into the history and underpinnings of this movement and hopes to shed some light on how the blockchain came to be what it now is. To understand the problem is to understand the solution.

Rinke Hendriksen

Rinke can be best characterized by his never ending curiosity and enthusiasm about the Blockchain space. Currently, he is dedicating himself to the full-time MSc in Digital Currencies (the first and only master’s programme in the world) which is offered by the university of Nicosia in Cyprus. Besides this, he is tackling the issue of inheritance of private keys with the final goal to bring Blockchains a step closer to maturity. During his talk, Rinke will tell about how it is to study digital currencies and how the employment market looks for a recent graduate.

Brobot is an innovative chatbot solution for crypto intelligence and asset management. The company's mission is to help crypto investors and traders make better informed decisions, through offering a vast range of relevant data streams. Brobot aims to become the standard of quality for crypto intelligence, by boosting mainstream crypto adoption.

Vlad Cristian Marin

Vlad is a devoted social entrepreneur, with experience in marketing, business development and technology. As the founder of Turing Society Amsterdam, a non-profit focused on bringing individuals closer in touch with technology, he is passionate about people and education. At the same time, he is a believer in and a supporter of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, proven by his currently blending in of a MSc in Digital Business and his activity as co-founder and BizDev at Brobot. He will dive into the issues affecting the cryptocurrency sphere and into Brobot's mission to tackle them.

George Visniuc

George is a senior DevOps engineer with over 8 years of experience in a wide range of tech ventures. He has obtained his MSc in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Amsterdam and currently takes on the role of founder and tech lead at Brobot. He recognizes the revolutionary nature of the blockchain technology and, as an early investor in cryptocurrencies, he has a deep understanding of the shortcomings in this environment. Brobot is the proof that George is not only passionate about solving real world problems, but also committed to delivering high quality services. George will be talking about the technical "how" in their startup and the proposed solutions to the problems in crypto.