BCTvol10 – Rotterdam

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1830-1900 * walk-in
1900-1915 * welcome by organizers
1915-2000 * Eleonore Blanc
2000-2030 * Alexej Jordanov
2030-2100 * (networking break)
2100-2130 * Elian Huesca
2130-2200 * Kyle Asman
2200+ * networking

And enjoy our speakers in talks, networking and panel discussion!

Kyle Asman

How to make your business a revenue generator, built for sustainability and growth not a one time raise and cash burn business? Or what are the property tax and C&I benefits for Miners? Cryptocurrency Miners have a number of property tax and C&I benefits available to them. They can be setup as qualified data centers, saving hundreds of thousands in tax costs, while also having the ability to obtain credits for job creation. Kyle has extensive experience helping clients raise capital in the finance Read more...

Eléonore Blanc

Eleonore Blanc is the Content & Community Manager of BTC.com, the leading digital platform for bitcoin users, miners and developers. With a background in political science and public management, she could only fall in love with bitcoin’s disruptive narrative. Read more...

Elian Huesca - CEO, co-founder @ criptonerds.com

An adviser from Mexico specialized in marketing, adoption and community building for cryptocurrency exchanges, crypto investment funds and ICO's. We will talk about the development of the Fintech industry, particularly in Brazil and Mexico and the consequent advancement of cryptocurrencies into the mainstream. We will address the role of Bitcoin as a tool to circumvent hyperinflation policies and the prospects of the Petro as the first precedent of cryptocurrencies into the official monetary state policy of a country.The objective of this talk is to give a general image of how the ecosystem of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is transforming economies and reforming laws all around Latin America. Read more...

Alexej Jordanov

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