BCTvol13 – Amsterdam

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8th Nov 2018 at 1900

location: Meet Berlage, Oudebrugsteeg 9, Amsterdam

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18:30-19:00 * Walk-in
19:00-19:10 * Opening by organizers
19:10-20:05 * Aleksandr Bulkin, ADAPT
20:05-20:20 * Henk van Cann, Blockchain Workspace
20:20-21:30 * Know Your Audience - 30 second pitches
20:35-21:00 * Beer-2-Beer session (network break)
21:00-21:30 * Wouter Kampmann, MakerDAO
21:30-22:00 * Erich Schnoeckel, Finturi
22:00-22:40 * ICO Shark Tank, Threefold.io

And enjoy our speakers in talks, ICO Shark Tank and #beer2beer session.

Wouter Kampmann, Head of Engineering at MakerDAO

Blockchain Meets World -- Why decentralized stablecoins will usher in the next wave of blockchain adoption.

The Head of Engineering at MakerDAO, Wouter Kampmann, will give an introduction to the world of stablecoins. Why are they needed? What kinds of stablecoins exist? Where does Dai fit in, Maker's own decentralized stablecoin? And why do we believe that decentralized stablecoins will be a catalyst for the wider adoption of blockchain technology? Get a walk-through of the underlying mechanisms that keep Dai stable; learn about partnerships and achievements up to date; and take a peek at the next exciting things on the Maker roadmap. Read more...

Aleksandr Bulkin, Founder and Architect

ADAPT - A Decentralized Application Programming Toolkit: Vision, Motivation, Architecture

Today's development of decentralized applications is most often based on using large generalized blockchain networks, such as Ethereum, EOS or Dfinity. ADAPT offers an alternative: a way to launch small independent blockchain networks customized for the needs of a specific decentralized use case. We will discuss the reasoning behind this choice, the questions of alignment between stakeholder (broken in the current approach), topics of decentralized code reuse, surface of attack, and miner incentives. The talk will take the audience through the thinking that leads to the design of the next generation of blockchain software.

Erich Schnoeckel, COO

Finturi is building a blockchain based invoice and inventory platform that gives SME's easier, faster and cheaper access to capital while still providing investors with an honest return.

We are building an innovative invoice financing platform that reduces overhead costs, lowers processing time, predicts risk and directly connects SMEs and investors. This peer to peer invoice financing platform built on blockchain’s distributed ledger technology is sure to disrupt the traditional invoice financing industry. We combine the power of new age technologies like blockchain, AI and DS in order to help businesses solve their cash flow problems in a safe, trusted and efficient manner.

Henk van Cann

[special talk] How to manage your keys? Do's and Dont's.


Weynand Kuijpers, co-founder

Responsible digital freedom. ThreeFold foundation promotes alternative technology to FAMGA creating a neutral, private and green internet.

Please, meet our sharks for ICO Shark Tank

Valentino Cremona

Valentino is the Co-Founder of Fairbitshare. He first encountered Bitcoin during his Economic studies and soon became hooked. He is an early Bitcoin as well as Ethereum adopter and has started actively investing in ICOs since Ethereums ICO in 2014. Moreover, he has started focusing on building a career in the Token space since early 2017. He wrote the internal process book on how to run an ICO.

Erkki Piipari-Kokko

Responsible for blockchain business development in the European markets, a Business Development Manager for Espeo Blockchain

Justin Bons

Investment Strategist and Co-Founder of Cyber Capital; Justin is a digital currency Investment Strategist and Co-Founder of Cyber Capital, a cryptocurrency investment fund in The Netherlands.

Alex Fauvel

Currently writing a book called The Next Block. Alex Fauvel is a Bitcoin specialist that is managing the Bi-Weekly Bitcoin Cash meet ups taking place at the first resturant to accept Bitcoin Cash in the Netherlands.