BCTvol14 – Amsterdam

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6th Dec 2018 at 1900

location: Meet Berlage, Oudebrugsteeg 9, Amsterdam

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18:30-19:00 * walk-in
19:00-19:10 * Opening by organizers
19:10-19:40 * GUTS tickets
19:40-20:00 * Trezor
20:00-20:15 * Henk van Cann
20:15-20:20 * Know Your Audience - pitch for 30s
20:30-21:00 * Beer-2-Beer session (networking break)
21:00-21:20 * Blockstack
21:20-21:50 * Luno coin
21:50-22:20 * CryptoPepes

And enjoy our speakers in talks, Know-Your-Audience pitches and #beer2beer session.

Friedger Müffke, Engineering Partner Blockstack

Blockstack - Your New Internet

Blockstack provides a complete decentralized application stack, powered by the Stacks blockchain, and maintained by a community of 7000 developers. We're committed to building the new internet pushing for users fundamental digital rights such as security, privacy, and anti-censorship.  Send we want to introduce the concept of APP MINING to your community. We are funding teams who are building decentralized apps in our ecosystem for being simply pioneers in the space.

Maria Woncisz, Country Manager Europe

The Evolution of Money

Maria Woncisz is the Country Manager Europe at Luno, a leading global cryptocurrency company on a mission to upgrade the world to a better financial system. Maria worked in public affairs and in communications consultancies between Warsaw, Paris, and London before moving into tech. She worked at Adzuna managing Singapore, India, France, and Poland before her passion for cryptocurrencies and innovation in FinTech led her to Luno.

Vojtech Cerny, Trezor Marketing Manager, Business developer

The evolution of a hardware wallet

Together we will take a closer look at our company philosophy, which has always been about complete transparency when it comes to software and hardware. Also, we will discuss the current and future possibilities of the Trezor family--the Trezor One, the battle-tested hardware wallet for everyone, and the next-generation hardware wallet, the modern Trezor Model T. Vojtech joined SatoshiLabs in 2016 to help Trezor users. He is currently taking care of the Trezor community and travels the world to spread the word about Trezor and SatoshiLabs.

Henk van Cann

[special talk] Bitcoin purism and open public blockchains

Mick de Graaf, CryptoPepes co-founder

What are Nifties and what can you do with them?

I am the co-founder of CryptoPepes and I want to explain more about Nifties (non-fungible tokens). Blockchain enthusiast since 2015 and co-founder of CryptoPepes.io.

Kasper Keunen, Blockchain Developer at the GET Protocol Foundation

Token economics and mechanism design of a blockchain protocol

Kasper will go into the economics behind GUTS’ utility token, the GET. Involved in bitcoin and blockchain since 2012, started my first bitcoin business in 2013 (BitStraat). Developed and conducted the GET protocol ICO in 2017. Raising north of 10k Ether (+$9million USD). Currently in charge of mechanism design and protocol architecture of this protocol using its native token, the GET, to enablean open, fair and sustainable ticketing industry.