BCTvol6 – Amsterdam

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12th April 2018 at 1830

location: GoDataDriven, Wibautstraat 202, Amsterdam

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1800-1830 * walk-in, IPO (Initial Pizza Offering)
1830-1840 * organizers' intro
1840-1940 * Seb Walhain
1940-2010 * Alejandro De La Torre
2010-2030 * BREAK
2030-2100 * Kees de Vos
2100-2130 * Christopher Georgen
2130-2155 * Jimmy van Duuren
2200+ * networking * Drovers Dog, Wibautstraat 206, AMS

And enjoy our speakers in talks, networking and panel discussion!

Seb Walhain

Seb thinks that banking is already turning into a simple protocol and smartphones are becoming better banks than most banks will ever be. Read more...

Alejandro De La Torre

Alejandro will explain if and how is bitcoin adopted in Latin America. Read more...

Jimmy van Duuren

Jimmy is an ambassador of the Japanese ALIS Media. More info...

Christopher Georgen

As Founder and Chief Architect, Chris leads the design of Topl's protocol and directs its business operations. Read more...

Kees de Vos

The world's first blockchain based loyalty platform that enables brands to reward their consumers with crypto tokens. Read more...