BCTvol8 – Amsterdam

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14th Jun 2018 at 1900

location: TQ, Singel 542, Amsterdam

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1830-1900 * walk-in 
1900-1905 * organizer's intro
1905-1915 * Blockchain in supply chains project
1915-1940 * Lina Seiche, Spindle
1940-2030 * Juraj Bednar, Institute of Cryptoanarchy
2030-2045 * networking break
2045-2130 * ICO Shark Tank
2130-2200 * Vince Meens, weareblox    
2200-2230 * ICOindex.com    
2230+ * networking

And enjoy our speakers in talks, networking and panel discussion!

Juraj Bednar

Juraj Bednár is a serial entrepreneur in IT security and a co-founder of Paralelní Polis Prague and Paralelná Polis in Bratislava - both are institutions that focus on personal liberty, cryptocurrencies and creating parallel society that is independent of the state. Read more...

Lina Seiche

After working as the social media manager and music journalist at cultural magazines in Germany, Lina Seiche left the country and studied under artist, producer, entrepreneur, investor, and SPINDLE's Chief Strategist GACKT in Malaysia. Read more...

Vince Meens

Vince is currently having several exciting roles:

Open source, open hardware, self-driving pods, locally financed, locally manufactured, using local energy & self-replicating. These pods make their own profits, and will have “babies”, driving prices for mobility down to zero, and making it abundant, so we can live in a society where everything feels closeby. Read more...


They are a team of blockchain enthusiasts and crypto asset investors who believe in decentralisation of power in society. Their aim is to make crypto asset investing transparent, safe, easy to understand and available for everyone. 
ICOindex combines the qualitative and quantitative data with the wisdom of the crowd to better understand and evaluate crypto assets. ICOindex helped establish the worlwide community of professionals. Thanks to them, they are able to get a lot of exclusive insights.

Please, meet ICO committee and ICOs in our Shark Tank!

Judge 1

Jonathan Knegtel

Jonathan has worked at various startups from 3D food printing to advising ICO's and private jets where he has lead growth as well as managed internal processes. He has followed bitcoin since 2011 and applies a principal first approach from his background in computing and physics. Lecturer at VU, stage host at Zero In and panellist at TNW Jonathan has seen his fair share of entrepreneurs and projects. 

Judge 2

Valentino Cremona

Valentino is the Co-Founder of Fairbitshare. He first encountered Bitcoin during his Economic studies and soon became hooked. He is an early Bitcoin as well as Ethereum adopter and has started actively investing in ICOs since Ethereums ICO in 2014. Moreover, he has started focusing on building a career in the Token space since early 2017. He wrote the internal process book on how to run an ICO.

Judge 3

Chris Dawe

Chris, CEO of Effect.AI, is a driven entrepreneur with over two decades of experience in Business, Marketing, Sales and Project Management. As a co-founder of Effect.AI, Chris has added blockchain and cryptocurrency to an already impressive resume. In March of 2018, Effect.AI completed its massively successful Token Sale with over 5000 participants and more than 11 million euro raised, setting new compliance standards in the process. In addition to his position as CEO of Effect.AI, Chris is spending time advising other EU based startups on the Token Sale process.

Judge 4

Amadeo Brands

Amadeo Brands is a Fundamental Analyst/IT Manager Cyber Capital where he studies crypto assets from a economical and technical perspective. We are living in exciting times it is all about picking the right protocols and projects that will drive forward this new and bright future.

ICO project 1

Cybervein.org: Interconnecting the data that runs the world

Jack Ge

Tianyang (Jack) Ge, Project Manager at Cybervein, is a postgraduate from Imperial College London, co-founder of multiple successful UK startups, his personal project was honoured as the best smart-home startup by HAX hardware accelerator in 2016.

ICO project 2

AIAR.com: Daring to change the world

Rufus Lidman

The Digital Guru of Europe, Rufus Lidman is also an innovator and strategist. He holds a Fil.lic in Change Processes from Uppsala University and has never stopped moving forward with his career since then. Read more...