BCTvol9 – Amsterdam

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12th Jul 2018 at 1900

location: Meet Berlage, Oudebrugsteeg 9, Amsterdam

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1830-1900 * walk-in
1900-1905 * welcome by organizers
1905-1935 * Jack Esselink, IBM
1935-2005 * Henk van Cann, "Safety is a feeling, security is you!"
2005-2030 * Bozhidar Bahov, Tech entrepreneur
2030-2100 * (networking break)
2100-2200 * ICO Shark Tank: Kimera.AI, EthicHub
2200-2240 * Esteban van Goor
2240+ * networking

And enjoy our speakers in talks, networking and panel discussion!

Henk van Cann

In the series 'Fundamental knowledge brought in an understandable way' this episode is focused on holders (in spé) of crypto currencies. Because most of them are slackers in decent key management. OK, let me speak for myself: I am, now and again.

Don't blame the complexity of the topic, don't blame the vastness of the open public blockchain field, don't come up with quantum computing as a reason to feel unsafe with your private keys, don't blame the nerds that have not offered you decent Graphical User Interfaces yet. Stop making excuses. It is all about yourself. Start learning and automate your behavior like putting on a seat belt.

Van Cann will explain why the human factor is less trustworthy than the economic consensus and safety precautions public blockchains have. And point in the right direction to be able to educate yourself.

Bozhidar Bahov

Join us for a presentation and discussion on:
- How is Artificial intelligence influencing our lives and how much exactly can we automate?
- How is Blockchain changing industries and where are we going with it?
- How can Space technology be used for Earth applications?
- How is the Internet of Things changing the way we live in our cities?
- Is Quantum Computing going to change everything?
Bobby Bahov is a tech entrepreneur with a huge passion for innovation. His background is in software development but in recent years he's been focusing Read more...

Esteban van Goor

Hedge Fund Manager | Owner OTC Trading Desk (buying and selling bitcoin and ethereum) | Blockchain Consultant (legal) He completed his master degree in tax law focusing on indirect taxes and worked as a tax lawyer right after. Just recently he joined Megalodon Capital as a managing partner. Megalodon is a Hedge Fund specialized in investing in blockchain assets and tech companies. His passion for blockchain started when he started advising blockchain companies about bitcoin, ICOs, legal setup and tax implications, back in 2013.

Jack Esselink

Jack is a data evangelist & storyteller at IBM and loves to share his stories and experiences on doing smarter things with data.

Please, meet ICO committee and ICOs in our Shark Tank!

Judge 1

Jonathan Knegtel

Jonathan has worked at various startups from 3D food printing to advising ICO's and private jets where he has lead growth as well as managed internal processes. He has followed bitcoin since 2011 and applies a principal first approach from his background in computing and physics. Lecturer at VU, stage host at Zero In and panellist at TNW Jonathan has seen his fair share of entrepreneurs and projects. 

Judge 2

Peter van der Jagt

Independent trader in derivatives at the Amsterdam Stock Exchange for the last 10 years. Started investing in blockchain projects in 2017 and loved the space. With his legal backround and experience in trading cofounding 'Icoinic Investmentfund' (situated at the Amsterdam Stock Exchange) was a logical but exciting next step. Although trading the markets are keeping him busy lately, he likes to keep track of what's happening in the ICO landscape. Invested in several ICOs: such as Po.et, CVC, WAN, ENG, ICX, TRAC. Early seed investor/partnerships with some Dutch and EU projects such as Safeguard, Blockdata, Spike, Fairbitshare. In his opinion it's always a good thing to discuss new ideas/companies in a informal setting so they can thrive (or die) better or faster.

Judge 3

Amadeo Brands

Amadeo Brands is a Fundamental Analyst/IT Manager Cyber Capital where he studies crypto assets from a economical and technical perspective. We are living in exciting times it is all about picking the right protocols and projects that will drive forward this new and bright future.

Judge 4

Erkki Piipari-Kokko

Responsible for blockchain business development in the European markets, a Business Development Manager for Espeo Blockchain

ICO project 1

Mounir Shita

Kimera’s Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) technology represent maybe the most interesting advancement in artificial intelligence – an advancement currently being investigated by a major academic institutions. The company aim to use this technology to overhaul the global network and economy. Read more...

ICO project 2

Jori Armbruster

EthicHub is a social network to invest in positive Impact projects, directly connecting borrowers and lenders on a profitable relationship for both parties, a true peer-to-peer interaction thanks to blockchain.