Lina Seiche

PR Manager and Evangelist After working as the social media manager and music journalist at cultural magazines in Germany, Lina Seiche left the country and studied under artist, producer, entrepreneur, investor, and SPINDLE’s Chief Strategist GACKT in Malaysia. Upon pursuing comprehensive studies of economics, arts, and multiple languages, she became chief manager at GACKT & IKEDA Asia Bridge Partnerz Inc., and helped to strengthen businesses in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Under G&I Asia Bridge Partnerz Inc. she has further founded and hosts the blockchain education-oriented event community BlockChats ( As PR Manager and Evangelist for SPI

Juraj Bednar

Juraj Bednár is a serial entrepreneur in IT security and a co-founder of Paralelní Polis Prague and Paralelná Polis in Bratislava – both are institutions that focus on personal liberty, cryptocurrencies and creating parallel society that is independent of the state. Parallel Polis – why we need parallel societies and how to build one. Experiences from running Paralelní Polis in Prague and starting a new open-source franchise in Bratislava, Slovakia. How to run your whole business on cryptocurrencies only – from paying for coffee to paying suppliers and employees.

Ingmar Vroege

Safeguard was founded by Ingmar Vroege and Gertjan Leemans, a powerful duo whose entrepreneurial endeavours trace back to their high-school days together. As business partners, they have worked on various successful ventures together. In 2016, they launched Pokeradar, an app that received 1 million downloads in three weeks. Apart from consulting for large clients like KLM and Achmea, Ingmar and Gertjan also worked alongside YPI, award winning H2 architects and shipyard leaders Feadship, to enable Virtual Reality (VR) visualization for the superyacht industry, for which they received CNBC media coverage. Successful exits were made from both of these ventures in August 2017 to enable a full...

Amin Rafiee

A regular speaker at Bitcoin and blockchain conferences throughout Europe, Amin has been helping share the truth, freedom, and choice that Bitcoin and its partner platforms have to offer since 2013. The most recent example of this was through BITNATION’s refugee aid that won two awards (including the grand prix) at the UNESCO house in Paris during the Nexplo 2017 forum, a project that Rafiee helped bring to life. An advocate of P2P and decentralization in an otherwise centralized world. Amin has also presented the technological benefits of decentralised services and tools in an event held by the EU Commission...

Kenneth Kumor

An early-stage blockchain investor and trader. Kenneth first heard about Bitcoin in 2011 and has been an active member of the community for over five years. He has been involved in the development of a wide range of distributed systems and enterprise software products. Fully compliant with existing financial regulations, ETERBASE is Europe’s premier digital assets exchange. Unique for its customer-centric, regulation-compliant trading platform, which offers ultra-fast trading and a powerful interface, ETERBASE is setting the gold standard in the digital assets exchange landscape.

Cas Koeleman

Cas is a Technical analysis expert with over 4 years of experience in trading and teaching in the stock market. He leads his own channel with over 8800 followers on CFD and cryptocurrency platform BUX. He focusses his analysis on bitcoin, gold and Germany 30 and uses advanced and detailed technical analysis techniques to predict future movement. Next to that he is studying International Business And Management and is an active entrepreneur and speaker. Cas’ presentation will cover technical analysis on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. He will also talk about trading management. The presentation will contain a lot of charts...

Henk van Cann

A lot people say ‘we put this and that ON the blockchain’: Secure healthcare records on the blockchain, the safety database on the blockchain, my identity on the blockchain, our legal contracts on the blockchain… and we could continue endlessly with these examples, but hold on tight: That is all bullshit of hypers and/or gibberish spread by nono’s ‘OK’, you might think, ‘you made your point, fair enough, but then what is left ON the blockchain if there is hardly any content there? Who are you to talk about other people this way? Why should I care?’ Well, it’s blockchainTALKZ...

Robert Auxt

Fully compliant with existing financial regulations, ETERBASE is Europe’s premier digital assets exchange. Unique for its customer-centric, regulation-compliant trading platform, which offers ultra-fast trading and a powerful interface, ETERBASE is setting the gold standard in the digital assets exchange landscape. Robert is the co-founder of ETERBASE. He served at the board level of the European Investment Bank, European Stability Mechanism and several other organizations with multibillion balance sheets. He studied at London School of Economics, University College London and University of Cambridge Judge Business School.

Max Keidun

Max  is the CEO and co-founder of real estate platform Househodl (, CEO and co-founder of P2P cryptocurrency exchange Hodl Hodl (, editor-in-chief Hodl Hodl News ( and organizer of Bitcoin conference Baltic Honeybadger 2017 ( He is public speaker, member of the board and co-founder of Latvian Blockchain Development Association ( Max spent 10+ years business development, 5+ years within cryptocurrency & blockchain industry.  During presentation he will speak about different types of cryptocurrency exchanges – centralized, decentralized and p2p. He will discuss different approaches to cryptocurrency trading, elements of exchanges and Hodl Hodl approach. He will also give...

Oleksii Konashevych

Tokenization of real estate opens up great possibilities for a transboundary movement of investments in real estate. However, current technological concepts are far from the reality of a legal system. How to own tokens for life? How to inherit them? How to delegate rights? How to deal with a co-ownership and marital property? How to conduct parents rights and custody if the owner is minor? Taxation? Litigation? Bundle of rights and many other legal issues are to be digitized in the form of code to become the first smart law system. Oleksii Konashevych is a researcher at the University of...