Herman Vissia

Herman Vissia is the Founder and CEO of ByeleX BV. He works with various departments and scientists from the Belarusian State University Minsk (BSU) and is a member of the High-tech Park in Minsk. In 2012, Herman became the first Westerner to complete their PhD thesis at the BSU. His thesis was entitled ‘Models, Algorithms and the technology for decision-making intellectualization based on subject collections’. Herman pioneers technology for the Semantic Web, performs research in the field of cryptography, and gives lectures on cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology.

Elian Huesca

Elian Huesca: BA in International Relations in BUAP, with academic exchanges to UNAM and the University of Birmingham, UK. MA in Migration, Superdiversity and Policy with specialization in Entrepreneurship, Financial Inclusion and Technology by the University of Birmingham, UK: Chevening Scholar Class 2016 of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the United Kingdom and the Federal Education Secretary of Mexico. Social Media Manager and Security Office of the United Nations in Mexico. Since 2017, adviser on regulation, marketing and adoption of bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain for exchanges, crypto investment funds and ICO’s. Community builder and networker for international clients. Experienced...

Eleonore Blanc

Eleonore Blanc is the Content & Community Manager of BTC.com, the leading digital platform for bitcoin users, miners and developers. With a background in political science and public management, she could only fall in love with bitcoin’s disruptive narrative. She decided to get involved with several blockchain communities in Amsterdam and finally joined BTC.com in May 2018. She supports Amsterdam’s booming blockchain industry and is eager to make Amsterdam the next blockchain hub #CryptoCanal. Passionate about cryptocurrency adoption, she wishes to empower and inspire everyone about this new medium of exchange.

Kyle Asman

Kyle has extensive experience helping clients raise capital in the finance, banking, regulatory consulting space, and most recently, developed complex international tax structures in the tax advisory space. Today, he is firmly committed to helping companies build their business in the Blockchain sector because he believes it will fundamentally change the way capital markets operate and revolutionize industries across the globe. Kyle has held investment banking regulatory consulting and transfer pricing roles at Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Duff and Phelps, and Ryan LLC, a global tax firm. In 2018, Kyle Co-Founded Bx3 Consulting, a full-service biz advisory firm focused on...

Bozhidar Bahov

Bobby Bahov is a tech entrepreneur with a huge passion for innovation. His background is in software development but in recent years he’s been focusing completely on business development and community building. He is the founder of Eastsource – a software outsourcing agency working with developers from a dozen countries in Europe. He is also organizing various communities focusing on exponential technology like Ai, Blockchain, and Space exploration. Normally you can find him working on a new business idea and talking passionately about new technologies. Finally, he is one of the founders of Space Mining Technologies – a startup working...

Mounir Shita

Kimera’s Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) technology represent maybe the most interesting advancement in artificial intelligence – an advancement currently being investigated by a major academic institutions. The company aim to use this technology to overhaul the global network and economy. By bringing true AI to the global network, Kimera wants to automate the network to a level where middlemen platforms, like app stores, social networks and other aggregation services, are no longer needed. From a human perspective it means our devices “just work”. They know what we are trying to accomplish and how to assist us, sometimes before we are...

Rufus Lidman

The Digital Guru of Europe, Rufus Lidman is also an innovator and strategist. He holds a Fil.lic in Change Processes from Uppsala University and has never stopped moving forward with his career since then. He authored three books in digital strategy, founded the international organization within digital marketing, IAB Sweden, received the honor of serving as digital advisor for the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) and is a highly contacted Keynote speaker with more than 300 sessions in his portfolio. His first venture took off when he was 19 and today he is recognized as a serial digital entrepreneur and...

Lina Seiche

PR Manager and Evangelist After working as the social media manager and music journalist at cultural magazines in Germany, Lina Seiche left the country and studied under artist, producer, entrepreneur, investor, and SPINDLE’s Chief Strategist GACKT in Malaysia. Upon pursuing comprehensive studies of economics, arts, and multiple languages, she became chief manager at GACKT & IKEDA Asia Bridge Partnerz Inc., and helped to strengthen businesses in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Under G&I Asia Bridge Partnerz Inc. she has further founded and hosts the blockchain education-oriented event community BlockChats (block-chats.com). As PR Manager and Evangelist for SPI

Juraj Bednar

Juraj Bednár is a serial entrepreneur in IT security and a co-founder of Paralelní Polis Prague and Paralelná Polis in Bratislava – both are institutions that focus on personal liberty, cryptocurrencies and creating parallel society that is independent of the state. Parallel Polis – why we need parallel societies and how to build one. Experiences from running Paralelní Polis in Prague and starting a new open-source franchise in Bratislava, Slovakia. How to run your whole business on cryptocurrencies only – from paying for coffee to paying suppliers and employees.

Ingmar Vroege

Safeguard was founded by Ingmar Vroege and Gertjan Leemans, a powerful duo whose entrepreneurial endeavours trace back to their high-school days together. As business partners, they have worked on various successful ventures together. In 2016, they launched Pokeradar, an app that received 1 million downloads in three weeks. Apart from consulting for large clients like KLM and Achmea, Ingmar and Gertjan also worked alongside YPI, award winning H2 architects and shipyard leaders Feadship, to enable Virtual Reality (VR) visualization for the superyacht industry, for which they received CNBC media coverage. Successful exits were made from both of these ventures in August 2017 to enable a full...